My investors are looking to make direct equity investments only, no maximum dollar amount per transaction, worldwide within any industry. Investments can be purchases of stock, aged-debt or invoices from their creditors. 

Numerous referrals are available from C.E.O.’s, and C.F.O.’s attesting to how well their funding experiences have gone AFTER you apply, talk to the funding sources and are accepted as a client. 

As a general guideline, they look for companies that trade at least $10K daily, and/or $200K monthly in terms of volume. This criterion allows their in-house traders to take their time in unwinding any equity position that their firm takes on when funding for their portfolio. They do not utilize equity-lines as a funding vehicle. They will pay for all legal and filing fees for their registered direct investments. They do not short stocks. Their goal is to fund liquid companies on an ongoing basis. 

They do not issue term sheets without first discussing with the applicant, its funding needs. Each transaction is negotiated on a deal-by-deal basis. They can buy “chilled” non-DTC certificates.  If you are having issues clearing your stock, they can assist you. They can clear certificates for stocks that trade under $0.01. If you have issues clearing any priced certificate, we can buy it from you. 

They are accredited investors which allow Regulation 504 financings. They only fund liquid publicly-traded companies directly from their own investment funds and do not shop deals. They typically provide funding within 24 hours of receipt of the physical certificate or DWAC no matter the current share price on approved deals.

Applicants should meet the following criteria:

• Only existing businesses which are publicly held
• Must have impressive liquidity (cash flow)
• A track record of active recent trading of one’s stock

• Mention your company’s ticker symbol and stock exchange when initially applying

For this investment opportunity, the investors are willing to absorb the costs of due diligence fees, and not charge the entrepreneur, however a thorough due diligence process still exists before an investment decision will be made.

If you are contacting me to request funding, you need to be one of owners of your business, legally capable of signing a contract on behalf of your business, no third parties, please, for this opportunity. Third parties are welcome to contact me for other opportunities, but not this program.

My investors fund BOTH private and publicly held companies, start up and existing, continue to read throughout this web site to read the criteria for the numerous funding programs provided by my investors.

You MUST mention this EXACT blog post when initially applying in order to be eligible (copy & paste the title of the blog post within your e-mail)

Send an e-mail to me at ifindfunding@gmail.com

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