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I receive funding proposals, worldwide, from start-up and existing companies, and am always looking for additional private investors. If you are an investor, contact me, let me know your preferred criteria for countries, industries, etc. and I will find investment opportunities which meet your funding criteria.

I work with thousands of investors worldwide who have no maximum for funding projects. Projects over 1 billion have been funded, all industries within all countries are eligible to apply for funding.

For those who are asking, I have deliberately not updated the web site with more funding programs because I ask all entrepreneurs to read all the way through my web site, and I work with thousands of investors who could potentially add hundreds of additional funding programs, it would add a lot more for you to read. We would like the chance to review your investment opportunity, send an email to me at ifindfunding@gmail.com and I will assist you.

My investors fund both private and publicly held companies, start up and existing, continue to read throughout this web site to read the criteria for the numerous funding programs provided by my investors.

Thousands of licensed, accredited investors worldwide are seeking profitable investment opportunities via this web site, please read through the web site because these investors provided advice throughout to help all entrepreneurs. The web site was deliberately created as a tutorial, to educate entrepreneurs with the knowledge they need to make the best positive first impression to potential investors to increase the chances potential investors will want to fund their projects. 

Also, hundreds of licensed, accredited investors worldwide are seeking profitable investment opportunities at my other funding web site http://www.seekinginvestors.biz/, read through http://www.seekinginvestors.biz/ and you’ll find contact information and the entrepreneur application form within. 

Send an e-mail to me at ifindfunding@gmail.com