My investors will invest amounts of U.S.D. $200 million or more (no maximum) if you meet the criteria below.

They fund infrastructure, aviation, oil & gas, mining, shipping, hospitals, power stations, gaming & hotels, telecommunication, agriculture, green energy, constructions, commercial buildings, shopping centers, et. al.

The project must have legs to stand on and be able to service the debt.

Terms and Conditions:

Projects must be viable; the profit margin MUST be there.

• Directors must have a prior history of accomplishments. If you don’t have the experience, you can assemble a team of professionals working for or with you who know how to do what you propose, and they have a prior history of accomplishments.
• Your project must have an exit point for the investor
• Business plan containing an executive summary and financial projections for at least next 3 years
• Financial statements (balance sheet, income statement, statement of cash flow)
• Payment profiles
• 12 months of bank statements
• Brief CV on borrowers or company directors
• Full personal and financial details of owners
• If refinancing, describe reason for re-finance
• The project must have liquidity (cash flow)
• Types of existing finance agreements in force

Please mention this EXACT blog post when applying (copy & paste the title of the blog post within your e-mail)

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