Special Private Placement for Private Companies is available using a program that simply places a publicly traded company, as a strategic partner, in the middle between the investor and the private company.

In exchange for being a strategic partner for the private company, the public company is motivated by the opportunity to acquire an asset or an application (offered by the private company) that enhances its core business. By using this structure, the investors group can invest in and use global resources to support the private company.

This program is ideal for private companies that have noteworthy management or proprietary assets, seek to raise growth capital without selling a controlling interest and are not ready for a public stock market. This is a great opportunity for privately held companies to improve their overall value, and worldwide economic presence, especially if you are interested in increasing your market share, or interested in being a part of mergers & acquisitions.

The private company can select their own public company or our institutional investors can assist in locating one. The public company may be listed on any exchange worldwide, except India.

Benefits of the SPP for Private Companies:

The private company (Beneficiary) receives growth capital while staying private and maintaining ownership control. The Beneficiary also benefits by having the public company as a strategic partner/investor and by having our institutional investors’ multi-billion dollar, multinational fund backing them.

The transaction can close very quickly once all parties agree to terms. If you are organized, and ready to proceed quickly, this process can occur within a month or less.

The public company benefits by acquiring an asset, product, service, or application that it believes enhances its core business. This application can often be a carve-out of the Beneficiary’s core product line.

Our institutional investors and their affiliates benefit by putting their capital to work in promising investment opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable to investors, who are restricted to public market transactions.

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