My investors are providing funding for worldwide projects for debt (loan) or equity (ownership) if you meet the criteria below.

Types of funding…

• Business Start-Up
• Commercial Debt Consolidation
• Emergency Funding
• Rescue Funding

Additional funding is available for…

• Commercial Credit Arrangements: Work With Current Creditors, Negotiate Acceptable Repayment Terms, No Loan Is Required

• Debt Restructuring: Buy Out Existing Debt Holders & Re-Structure Repayment Schedule

• Equity Investing: No Loan Repayment, Equity Is for a Percentage of Ownership (decided by funding source AFTER due diligence process)

• Foreclosure Intervention: Provide Capital to Financially & Legally Fight off Foreclosure

• Legal Negotiating: Provide Capital for the Best Representation When Major Legal Proceedings Are Unavoidable

• Loans: Minimum of $ 500,000 U.S. Dollars

• Re-Capitalization: Providing Operational Capital for Daily Business Operations

Available for both start up and existing companies

All countries are eligible

If you are contacting me to request funding, you need to be one of the owners of your business, legally capable of signing a contract on behalf of your business.

Please mention this EXACT blog post when applying (copy & paste the title of the blog post within your e-mail)

Send an e-mail to me at ifindfunding@gmail.com

Feel free to also follow me on twitter at Ifindfunding. I will "tweet" all updates.

I am also on facebook at Ifindfunding.blogspot.com/